D-Link ANT24-0502/5dbi Indoor Omni Directional Antenna


The ANT24-0502 5dBi indoor omni-directional antenna can increase the effective wireless operation range of 802.11b and 802.11g wireless devices. Providing 5dBi peak Gain, it can be connected to a wireless access point or router to improve signal transmission and reception in the omni 360 degrees direction and provide point to multi-point wireless signal coverage.Wireless devices with lower Gain detachable antennas can use this antenna to get signal transmission/reception. The ANT24-0502 antenna is equipped with an RP-SMA plug and can be attached to a wireless device equipped with an RP SMA receptacle. To attach the ANT24- 0502 antenna, remove
the default detachable antenna from the wireless access point or router, and connect the ANT24-0502 antenna to the RP-SMA receptacle of the wireless device.

Electrical Properties:
Frequency Range : 2.4GHz – 2.5GHz
Peak Gain : 5dBi (typical)
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) : 2.0 : 1 (max.)
Impedance : 50 O (normal)
Admitted power : 2 Watt
HPBW/Vertical : 40°
HPBW/Horizontal : 360°

Physical & Environmental:
Connector : Reverse SMA plug (built into antenna)
Color : Black
Antenna Material : ABS, UV resistant
Dimensions : 13.5 x 188 mm
Weight : 20 grams
Temperature : -10° to 55°C
Humidity : 95% at 55°C

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