Metal 2
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Metal 2

2.4GHz Integrated AP/Backbone/CPE, 1600 mW TX power, Level 4

Metal 2

The new, completely waterproof, rugged, and super high powered RouterBOARD Metal. The serious outdoor wireless device. Now in 2.4Ghz with amazing 1600mW TX power! 

Fully sealed, industrial design metal case, powered by RouterBOARD and RouterOS. 1.6 WATT of output power - to reach the last mile, in any conditions. It comes with L4 license, so you can attach your favorite antennna to use it as an AP, to make wireless point-to-point links or as a CPE- whatever you prefer! Works in the 2GHz frequency (2192-2732MHz depending on country regulations) 

It has a built-in N-male connector, and pole attachment points, so you can attach it to an antenna directly, or use a standard antenna cable. LED signal indicators make it easy to install and align. 

Package contains Metal-2SHPn, mounting loops, PoE injector, power adapter and 6dBi omni antenna

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MikroTik RouterBOARD Metal 2SHPn
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کد محصول RBMetal2SHPn
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