mANTBox 19s
سایر تصاویر محصول

mANTBox 19s

mANTBox series

19dBi Model

The new MikroTik mANTBox, based on MikroTik's mANT sector antennas, now has a wireless router powered by a RB921 built in! It also comes with a quickMOUNT PRO and metal ring to quickly mount onto a pole.

mANTBox 19s


Product Specifications:

• Antenna Gain: 19dBi
• Frequency Range: 5.17-5.825GHz
• Polarization: Vertical and horizontal
• 3DB Beam width - azimuth: 120deg
• 3DB Beam width - elevation: 5deg
• VSWR: 1,43typ, 1.8max
• Port to port isolation: >40dB min
• Front-to-back ratio: >30dB
• Cross Polarization: >30dB

Product Features

• CPU: 720MHz
• Data Storage: 128MB NAND
• Size of RAM: 128MB DDR2 300MHz
• SFP cage: 1

Product Includes:

• 24V 0.8A power adapter
• quickMOUNT PRO
• K-41 screw kit
• Metal ring

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قیمت: 9,900,000 ریال
کد محصول RB921GS-5HPacD-19S
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