SXT sq 5
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SXT sq 5

The SXTsq 5 is a compact and lightweight outdoor wireless device with an integrated antenna. It has a 16dBi High Power antenna, and high output power (up to 28dBm) which allows to reach longer distances than the SXTsq Lite5 model. The enclosure includes slots for directly attaching a hose clamp mount in three different mounting places, with ability to be mounted on horizontal railings. The device includes one 10/100MB Ethernet port. There is also grounding connection easily accessible for lightning protection

SXT sq 5

Product Specifications:

• CPU: Single Core 600Mhz AR9344
• RAM: 64MB
• Storage: 16MB Flash
• 10/100 Ports: 1
• Wireless: Dual chain 802.11a/n (AR9344)
• Antenna Gain: 16dBi
• Antenna beam width: 23°
• PoE in: Yes
• OS: Router OS Level 4
• Max Power Consumption: 7W

Product Includes:

1 x MikroTik RBSXTsq5HPnD CPE
1 x 24V 0.38A Power Supplu
1 x Metal Ring
1 x PoE Injector
1 x Quick Start Guide

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