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The intelligent MikroTik mUPS is a 12-volt battery charged PoE injector. It works just like a Gigabit PoE injector, but better. When power is lost, there's no need to be bogged down in a hassle because unlike the Gigibit PoE, the mUPS PoE switches over to the 12V battery (not included). Even if your power source is 28V, the connected RouterBOARD will not reboot when the power dies. Instead, it intuitively switches over to the 12V battery.

The mUPS might be simple in its internal body just as much as its external, but it's compact nature makes it a very reliable contraption for your network and also for situations where stable power input is not available. Thus, this device is a hot-point for your solar-powered home or even car or any other solar or automotive installations. You can use the mUPS with any single 12V battery (AGM, Gel, Lead Acid, regular car batteries, deep cycle marine batteries, etc.).


Product Features 
• Battery backup capability with a 12V battery connector
• RouterOS

Product Specifications
• 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports: 2
• Short Detection Time: ~50us
• Short Protection Delay: ~20ms
• After Short Recovery Time: ~1s
• Measurement Update Time: ~45s
• PoE in: 12 - 28 V
• DC in: 12 - 28 V
• Battery Connector: Female tab terminal 6.3 x 0.8 mm
• Battery charging current: 1 A max
• Poe out max current limit: 1 A

Product Includes:

• (1) 24 V 1.5 A Power adapter
• (1) Screw kit
• (1) Gigabit PoE injector
• (1) Plastic zip tie
• (1) Battery DC wire with T2 Tab terminal (also fits T1)
• (1) Mount bracket

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