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MikroTik hEX S comes with a very powerful dual core 880 MHz CPU and 256 MB RAM, capable of all the advanced configurations that RouterOS supports. The device has a USB 2.0, PoE output for Ethernet port #5 and a 1.25Gbit/s SFP cage. IPsec hardware encryption (~470 Mbps) and The Dude server package is supported, microSD slot on it provides improved r/w speed for file storage and Dude.


Product Specifications

• Product code: hEX S
• CPU: MT7621A
• CPU nominal frequency: 880 MHz
• CPU core count: 2
• CPU threads: 4
• Size of RAM: 256 MB
• 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports: 5
• SFP cages: 1
• PoE in: Passive, 802.3af/at
• PoE out: Passive PoE up to 57 V (Ether5)
• Supported input voltage: DC and PoE in: 12 - 57 V
• Power output: 
nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Max out per port output (input < 30 V): 500 mA
nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Max out per port output (input > 30 V): 500 mA
nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Max total out: 500 mA
• PCB temperature monitor: Yes
• Voltage monitor: Yes
• USB slot: USB type A
• MicroSD slot: 1
• Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C
• Dimensions: 
• License level: 4
• Operating System: RouterOS
• Max Power consumption: 11 W

Product Includes

(1) hEX S Router
(1) Power Adapter (24V 1.2 A)
(1) User Guide

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