MikroPoynt5- انتن باکس 16dBi
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MikroPoynt5- انتن باکس 16dBi


Outdoor Case
Flat Panel Antenna 16dBi-5,8

این محصول یک آنتن باکس 16dBiمی باشد با فرکانس 5.8.


MikroPoynt5- انتن باکس 16dBi

The MikroPoynt is designed to be a weatherproof, verstatile CPE enclosure that is ideal for WISPs and various other applicationsa well designed antenna and stunning good looks, the MikroPoynt becomes the ultimate CPE solution for your application.

Features and applications:

• It comes with a 5 GHz , 16 dBi antenna
• The IP67 enclosure is UV stable, this ensures longevity of the enclosure and the electronics
• The antenna can be aimed left or right or can be turned around for the window mount option
• It has a LED window display at the bottom
• It comes out with an IP67/NEMA 6P waterproof RJ45 connector pass through. The pre-assembled Ethernet cable can be installed without removing the RJ45
• The POE supply and injector are included
• It has an U.FL connector from antenna to electronics
• This product comes standard with window, wall and pole mounting kits which includes window suckers, screws and plugs, and a stainless steel hose 

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